A. Preparatory actions
A.1 Habitat inventory and mapping  
A.2 Habitat composition and structure  
A.3 Habitat Monitoring Plans  
A.4 Habitat Management Plans  
A.5 Visitor impact assessment   


C. Concrete conservation actions
C.1 Habitat demarcation and fencing  
C.2 Minimize impact of competitive vegetation  
C.3 Fire prevention  
C.4 Enhancement of regeneration  
C.5 Restoration  
C.6 Visitor management intervention and infrastructures  
C.7 Ex-situ conservation and propagation  


D. Public awareness and dissemination
D.1 Information campaign  
D.2 Website development  
D.3 Layman’s report  
D.4 Conferences  
D.5 Habitat protection and restoration guidelines  
D.6 Documentary  
D.7 Environmental education campaign  


E. Overall project operation and monitoring
E.1 Project coordination and management  
E.2 Project Monitoring  
E.3 Scientific Committee  
E.4 Networking  
E.5 Stakeholder Committee  
E.6 After-LIFE Conservation Plan  


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