Public awareness and dissemination of results



Action D.1: Information Campaign




  • FU & AKTI presented the project on ASTRA radio station on 15.02.2012 and through an article published (Deliverable: article 1of 3) by POLITIS newspaper on 28.01.2012.

 APRIL 2012

  • 1st local workshop (Deliverable: 1st local workshop) on 18/4 in Platres with the participation of all partners, including local stakeholders such as the Community Council of Platres.
  • The 2nd article concerning JUNIPERCY (Deliverable: article 2 of 3) was published at ‘Politis’ newspaper on 21/4/2012.

MAY 2012

  • The following awareness raising activities were realized: (i) 6th Environmental Festival organized by ASTRA radio channel at Akropolis Park on 20/5 (ii) 4th Ecological Festival of Lakatamia at Grammiko Park on 27/5 (iii) Project presentation at ASTRA radio channel (program: Avli tis Gis) on 23/5. Dr Kadis was interviewed as the project’s scientific coordinator. (iv) Successful participation of JUNIPERCY with its information kiosk at the LIFE 20 years in Cyprus Anniversary Event, held at the Visitor Centre of Athalassa National Forest Park (v) Article (Deliverable: article 3 of 3) presenting the project in AGROTIS local magazine (June 2012 issue) published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment. (vi) Article (Deliverable: article 4 of 3) presenting the project was published at the official newsletter of the European Office in Cyprus (April 2012 issue). (vii) Additional rural appraisal targeted at local communities of Madari-Papoutsa area was held at Lagoudera village on 31/5 (Deliverable: 2nd local workshop). Communities’ representatives were informed about project actions and filled in a questionnaire recording their opinion.

JUNE 2012

  • AKTI prepared a press release (Deliverable: 1st press release 2012) forwarded to all the official newspapers of the State. AKTI also successfully organized the 3rd and final workshop (Deliverable: 3rd local workshop) for local communities at Drouseia on 14/6/2012 with the participation of 25 representatives from local authorities and organizations. DF, DE and FU were also represented at the event, while Politis newspaper released a relevant article on 16/6/2012 (Deliverable: article 5 of 3). DF prepared a new article (Deliverable: article 6 of 3) about the project, enriched with images and information from events and actions to date. The article will be published in local media. Even more, AKTI raised public awareness at the environmental festival ‘GREEN DOT CYPRUS’ held at Akropolis Park on 9/6/2012 and at the ‘Global Environment Day’ event which was organized by them in collaboration with Municipality of Aglantzia at the public parking area of Aglantzia on 5/6/2012.

JULY 2012

  • FU’s team developed the 1st official project newsletter (Deliverable: 1st newsletter 2012) and AKTI printed and disseminated copies to all project partners and visitors at the areas of interest. Newsletter copies are also available at DF’s central offices, Athalassa and Troodos National Forest Park Visitor Centers and Botanical Garden of Troodos.


  • AKTI organized the dissemination by post of the 2012 Newsletter to the communities and other bodies / organizations involved in the 3 information workshops. AKTI additionally disseminated the newsletter to visitors in Akamas and Troodos areas.


  • AKTI disseminated Junipercy newsletters to 3 eco-schools in Limassol and through AKTI’s e-alert newsletter to more than 500 subscribers between 24 and 29 of September.


  • A new article has been published in Politis newspaper dedicated to Madari-Papoutsa area with explicit reference to JUNIPERCY project.


  • JUNIPERCY newsletter was disseminated during the presentation of the ‘Strategic Plan of Cyprus and EU on biodiversity’ that took place on December 13th.
  • JUNIPERCY newsletter was publicized via email to all those included in the recipients list of the Environment Department on December 13th.


  • A one-day workshop for environmental education instructors is being planned for February


  • The project’s leaflet (Deliverable: 4000 leaflets) was prepared (in Greek and English) and is currently in the process of printing.
  • Further dissemination of JUNIPERCY newsletter in public schools and general public.

APRIL 2013

  • Dissemination of JUNIPERCY leaflets to teachers, parents and children within the framework of the Recycling Festival on April 6th, at Akropolis Park in Nicosia.
  • More than 600 invitations to the Educational Workshop planned for April 20th (Pedoulas) (ACTION D7) were sent by AKTI’s e-alert on April 18th.
  • Dissemination of JUNIPERCY leaflet among educators participating in the Educational Workshop on April 20th (Pedoulas).
  • Distribution of JUNIPERCY leaflets by post to the project’s target groups on April 22nd.
  • A press release (Deliverable: press release 2013) with photos was sent to all national and local newspapers by fax and email on April 23rd concerning the results of the Educational Workshop held at Pedoulas on April 20th.
  • On April 24th the press release was published in POLITIS newspaper p.37, in FILELEFTHEROS newspaper p. 24 and in

MAY 2013

  • Publication of article (Deliverable: article 8 of 3) on JUNIPERCY in Avant Garde free press May-June 2013.
  • Dissemination of JUNIPERCY newsletter and leaflet to the general public and interested groups: Astra Radio Environmental, Social and Culture Festival 19/5, Green Dot Environmental and Recycling Festival 25/5, Lakatamia Ecological Festival 26/5, UTOPIA Collectiva Environmental Festival 30/5.

MAY – JULY 2013

  • The contents (map, project information and codes of conduct texts) of 3 sample notice boards, one for each area of interest (Akamas, Troodos, Madari), are being prepared according to LIFE+ technical specifications and Action’s A.5 proposals.

JUNE 2013

  • Dissemination of the project’s information material to the general public during AKTI’s celebration event for the World Environment Day 2013 on the 6th June.
  • Working on the preparation of the second newsletter of the project.

JULY 2013


  • The design of 16 notice boards has finished.
  • Dissemination of the project’s information material (leaflet and newsletters) to tourists (local and foreigners) at Akamas and Troodos forest (8/8, 9/8, 10/8, 13/8, 14/8).


  • Preparation of an article with info material about the project for a youth magazine to be published next month.


  • Information material (project leaflet and 2013 newsletter) was disseminated to the authorities’ representatives and other participants during the 2nd Stakeholder Committee meeting at the Troodos Botanical Garden on 30/10/2013.


  • The notice boards construction has finished.
  • Article published in ANANT GARDE focusing on good practices for visitors referring to JUNIPERCY,


  • The notice boards (n= 16) were delivered to the respective forest divisions with delay due to severe weather conditions. Their installation will take place depending on the weather conditions.
  • Dissemination of JUNIPERCY leaflet and newsletters to schools, interested youth and the general public.
  • On December 4th Mr Tsintides (DF) was a guest speaker at Radio ASTRA on AKTI’s broadcast entitled ‘Stin avli tis Gis’ between 9:00-10:00, where he discussed along with Michalis Loizides (AKTI) about the project activities, intermediate results and successes.


  • The notice boards have been installed at Troodos NFP (n=7).
  • Dissemination of JUNIPERCY’s information material (project leaflet and 2 newsletters) by hand to 15 schools of Nicosia and Larnaca districts (covering both primary and secondary schools of education)


  • Dissemination of the project’s information material (2 newsletters and leaflet) in numerous (17) schools in Nicosia and Limassol (covering both primary and secondary schools of education).

MARCH 2014

  • Dissemination of the project’s information material in AKTI’s public event organized with the Office of the European Parliament in Cyprus on 19.3.2014 at the EU house and at the Celebrations of the World Water Day 2014 organised at the Mall of Cyprus on 22/3/2014.
  • Dissemination of the project’s information material in 15 schools in Nicosia, Limassol, Pafos and Larnaca.

APRIL 2014

  • The installation of the notice boards at Madari was completed (n=3).
  • Dissemination of the project’s information material in 8 schools in Nicosia, Larnaca and Ammochostos districts.

MAY 2014

  • All 6 notice boards have been successfully installed at Akamas. The installation of 16 notice boards is now finished at all locations (7 at Troodos, 3 at Madari, 6 at Akamas). (Deliverable: 16 notice boards).
  • Dissemination of the project's leaflet and newsletters to children and teachers participating in the 6th Ecological Festival of Lakatamia Municipality on the 18th of May in cooperation with the schools of Lakatamia and Anthoupoli, Strovolos Linear Park.
  • Participation at the ‘1st Environmental Outlook: Cyprus 2014’ conference held on the 28th of May at the Cyprus University of Technology in Limassol and dissemination of the project’s information material. The project was presented on a poster dedicated to the ongoing research activities at the ‘Terrestrial Ecosystems Management’ Lab ( of the Open University of Cyprus.
  • Dissemination of the project's information material at 6 schools.

MAY – JUNE 2014

  • Preparation of the third newsletter of the project.

JUNE 2014

  • On June 4th Nicolas Iliades from Frederick University (the Scientific Coordinator of the project) was hosted in AKTI’s broadcast ‘Stin Avli tis Gis’, on Radio ASTRA (92.8 fm). He talked on the project’s recent scientific results and work.

JULY 2014

  • Production and printing of the 3rd newsletter.DELIVERALBLE: Newsletter June 2014
  • Dissemination of the newsletter to the project’s target-groups.
  • Production of an article on the protection of AKAMAS related to the project’s targets to be published in Avant Garde – July & August 2014.
  • Production and publication of relevant article targeting Akamas visitors, on 19th July 2014 in POLITIS newspaper.


  • Dissemination of the 3rd newsletter to the project’s target-groups.


  • Further dissemination of the 3rd JUNIPERCY newsletter through the partners’ networks.
  • Dissemination of JUNIPERCY’s information material during the Car Free Day 2014 organized in the Nicosia Municipal Gardens on the 20th of September.


  • Dissemination of the project’s information material to the participants of the kick-off event of AKTI’s MarLitCy project that took place in Famagusta on October 11th.
  • Dissemination of the project’s 3rd newsletter at the LIFE Natura platform meeting on the management of Mediterranean habitats, held in Polis Chrysochous, Akamas, Cyprus between 9-10 October.
  • Dissemination of the project’s information material at the National Forum for Marine Litter, Filoxenia, October 15th.
  • Recording and contact with the information centres operating in the communities of the 3 project areas to supply them with the project’s information material.
  • Preparation of a new publication to be issued in November.


  • Following communication with the involved communities in Madari and Troodos, AKTI will visit the local Information Centres on December 5th where project info material will be further disseminated.
  • Dissemination of the project’s information material among the participants of the Stakeholder Workshop of AKTI organized on November 18th within the framework of the EU funded project ‘INTERACT’.
  • Dissemination of the project’s information material to 12 schools of elementary and secondary education in Nicosia.
  • Preparation of a new publication to be issued in December.


  • On December 5th AKTI visited the local Information Centres at Madari and Troodos villages and distributed the information material of the project. The info material is now available for dissemination from 8 youth/information centres of the targeted areas.
  • Dissemination of the project’s information material to 20 schools of elementary and secondary education in Nicosia and Larnaca districts


  • On the 27th of January AKTI visited Akamas villages and distributed the information material of the project. The info material is now available for dissemination from 7 youth/information centres and community councils of the targeted areas at Akamas.
  • A new article was published in the POLITIS newspaper on 10th of January 2015, page 43


  • Dissemination of information material between 16-24 February 2015 during the ERASMUS+ training course in Slovenia entitled ‘Find a job, get a job’ organized by CEDAM.
  • Dissemination of JUNIPERCY information material during the Info-day organized by AKTI and Tiganokinisi Programme on 26 February at FILOXENIA with more than 600 participants (mostly educators).
  • Dissemination of information material to 21 schools of primary and secondary education (10 from the Pafos district, 1 from the Famagusta district and 10 from Nicosia). (February 2015).

APRIL 2015

  • Preparation of the first draft of the invitation and the invitation list for the Final Info Day to take place on 20th June 2015 at the Visitors’ Centre of the Troodos Botanical Garden, Amiandos.
  • Dissemination of the project’s info material at the Agioi Anargyroi Elementary School at Larnaca, on 27 April 2015 during an environmental day with the school organized by AKTI.

MAY 2015

  • Dissemination of 100 DVDs of the documentary at the Green Dot Festival, June 16th 2015 at Akropolis Park.

JUNE 2015

  • DF, DE, the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute and the European Commission Representation in Cyprus organized an event within the framework of the Environmental Week that took place on the 12th of June 2015 in Athalassa’s Environmental Information Centre. JUNIPERCY project participated in the event and disseminated its results (with newsletters and DVDs of the documentary) across 400 elementary school students.
  • The information notice board that was vandalized in Akamas (north of Lara bay) was replaced.
  • Announcement of the Final Info Day published in POLITIS newspaper (13/6/2015).
  • Preparation and dissemination to the Cyprus’ mass media of the 3rd press release. Sent to all media by email on 16th June 2015.
  • Successful organization of the Final Info Day of JUNIPERCY on June 20th at the Visitors’ Centre of the Botanic Garden of Troodos (at Amiantos) with the participation of 65 stakeholders and interested people. Dissemination of JUNIPERCY’s printed information material (newsletters, guidelines, and Layman’s report) and documentary (DVDs) to the participants.


ActionD.2: Project Website 



JUNE 2012

  • OUC team prepared the project’s official website and launched it on its permanent (Deliverable).

JUNE 2012 – MAY 2013

  • Continuing improvement and enrichment of the online web repository for internal use.
  • Continuing improvement and enrichment of the website with latest activities deliverables and photos.


  • A new section has been created with explicit reference to Project News.

OCTOBER 2013  -  JUNE 2015

  • The webpage is updated and enriched with latest activities deliverables and photos. 



Action D.4: Conferences




  • Participation at the 6th National Congress of Ecology of the Hellenic Ecological Society (4-7 October 2012) (DELIVERABLE: presentation in scientific conference).


  • A poster entitled ‘Restoration possibilities of endemic forest fragments with Juniperus spp. in Cyprus’ has been successfully presented at the IALE 2013 European Congress (9-12 September, Manchester, UK) (DELIVERABLE: presentation in scientific conference).

JUNE 2014

  • JUNIPERCY was presented at the international conference entitled: “Enhancing Biodiversity in Mediterranean Ecosystems from Theory to Practice”, held in Thessaloniki (Greece), on June 18th.


  • Presentation of project findings with a poster entitled ‘Mapping and analysis of the structure and composition of the habitat priority 9560* (Endemic forests with Juniperus spp.) in Cyprus’ at the 7th HELECOS Congress held in Mytilene, Greece between 9-12 October 2014. (DELIVERABLE: presentation in scientific conference)



Action D.6: Production of a documentary on the targeted habitat



JULY 2014

  • Working on the preparation of the documentary that will provide information on Juniperus spp. habitat. The script of the documentary is completed and approved by the project partners.


  • On schedule. The documentary director is planning meetings with the partners for taking interviews that will be used in the documentary.


  • Working on the preparation of the documentary that will provide information on Juniperus habitat. The script of the documentary was confirmed by the representatives of all partners and the interview shootings from the partners were taken on 17 December 2014. Filming in the field has reached the final stage; for the remaining shots the team will take the weather into consideration, mostly in the case of Troodos, in order to have scenes of the habitat during the snowy period.


  • Working on the translation of the script in English.


  • The first screening of the documentary took place on February 25th among the project partners. The participants submitted to the documentary team their comments and suggestions for improvement, in order to finalize the documentary.

MARCH 2015

  • Finalization of the documentary and completion of the production of the DVDs in March 2015.

APRIL 2015

  • The documentary was screened during the Experts’ workshop and it will also be presented during the Final Info Day in June.

MAY 2015

  • The documentary has been uploaded on the project’s website and on AKTI’s website and Facebook page.

JUNE 2015

  • The DVD’s are being disseminated to targeted groups. The documentary was also uploaded on the electronic platform of the Open University of Cyprus to be used as educational material for the MSc on Environmental Conservation and Management for over 200 students.



Action D.7: Environmental education and campaign



JUNE 2012 – MARCH 2013

  • FU’s team worked on the production of Education Material to be used at the Pedoulas Environmental Education Centre.

APRIL 2013

  • Successful organisation of one-day environmental Educational Workshop on the 20th of April, at Pedoulas Environmental Education Center (Deliverable).

MAY 2013

  • Development of a Guide with educational activities focusing on the importance of biodiversity conservation and particularly on the targeted habitat type (Deliverable: Education Material). The guide has been included in the official Education Programs for students of Secondary Education at Pedoulas Environmental Education Center, which belongs to the network of the Environmental Education Centers of the Ministry of Education and Culture.


  • The production of electronic copies of the Environmental education material is underway

MARCH 2015

  • Completion of the production of 500 CDs

MAY - JUNE 2015

  • Dissemination of education material.