Overall project operation and monitoring



Action E1: Project coordination and management (including external auditing)




  • FU developed and presented the guidelines for procedures to be followed in financial matters (time-sheets, invoices, etc.).

MARCH 2012

  • External auditing meeting held at Athalassa Forest Station (Forest Engineer offices) on the 21st.


  • Preparation and submission of the Inception Report to the external monitoring team.

APRIL 2013

  • Partners participated in a meeting at Athalassa on April 15th, where the external control took place for the project’s progress.


  • Two copies (hard copies & CD’s) of the mid-term report, one to the monitoring team and one to the Commission, have been mailed through the Cyprus postal services.

MARCH 2014

  • Partners participated in a day event on March 28th during which the external control took place for the project’s progress and several project locations were visited including the site to be planted with J. excelsa at Madari in November 2014, the seed bank at Amiantos Asbestos Mine, and J. foetidissima habitat restoration, visitor management and fencing at Troodos.


  • The annual report of the conservation actions progress was prepared and delivered to the project manager

APRIL 2015

  • 4th external monitor visit and EC visit took place between on 29-30 April 2015 

JUNE 2015

  • A meeting between project partners was held on the 23rd of June at DF premises in order to discuss the project’s conclusion and last details and the composition of the final report.




Action E.2: Project monitoring



  • Preparation of monitoring protocol began.

 MAY 2012

  • The Monitoring Protocol was adopted by the Scientific Committee (Deliverable).

JUNE 2012 – JUNE 2015

  • Continuous monitoring of the project and updating the monitoring protocol, evaluation of progress’ actions and deliverables.



Action E.3: Scientific Committee



APRIL 2012

  • Successful organization of the 1st Kick Off meeting of the Scientific Committee (9-10 April 2012). The meeting was held at Athalassa and in addition to project beneficiaries, participants included Dr Panayiotis Demopoulos, Dr Costas Thanos, Dr Hose – Maria Fernadez from Tenerife and Dr Pinelopi Delipetrou. The first half of the 1st day included a briefing of the SC’s members on project status and in the afternoon the SC members visited Amiantos Mine (to see the location of the seed bank) and Troodos Natura 2000 area to get familiarized with habitat 9560*.


  • Successful organisation of the 2nd meeting of the Scientific Committee on November 29. The meeting was organised as a one-day event held in Nicosia (project progress presentation and discussion) and at selected project areas in Troodos. The field trip included a visit to the seed-bank installation, and also a visit to a Juniperus foetidissima stand and new plantations with Juniperus oxycedrus at Makrya Kontarka.


  • The OUC Team Leader is in communication with the Project Management Team Leader and the Scientific Coordinator of the project for the organization of the last Scientific Committee meeting which is foreseen to take place in April 2015.

APRIL  2015

  • The last Scientific Committee meeting took place between 15-16 April. The meeting consisted of a two-day field visit to the project areas to see the progress made on site

JUNE 2015

  • The report on the minutes of the 3rd Scientific Committee meeting was prepared and communicated to the members of the SC.



Action E.4: Networking with other LIFE and/or non-LIFE projects




  • Networking was established with Life+:LIFE07/NAT/GR/000296 running in Crete (JUNICOAST) and LIFE04/NAT/ES/000064 in Tenerife.


  • Attendance of JUNIPERCY team members at the Scientific Committee meeting of JUNICOAST (LIFE07 NAT/GR/000296) in Crete.


  • Successful organization of joint meeting between JUNICOAST (LIFE07 NAT/GR/000296) and JUNIPERCY projects in Nicosia (21-22 November), in order to share methodologies and exchange know-how, best practices and experiences. All JUNIPERCY partners participated along with MAICh team members. The first day consisted of presentations and discussion and the second day involved a field trip to Troodos and on-site discussions on concrete conservation actions. One article on this event was prepared to be considered in the LIFE newsletter.   


  • The 2nd networking activity in Valencia, Spain will take place between 11-15/11/13. The visit is expected to resolve issues concerning regeneration/restoration/planting.
  • Participation of FU at the workshop “Managing Wetlands for Birds”, (Nicosia 31 October and 1 November) as part of the LIFE Oroklini project - LIFE10NATCY716.


  • Visit to Valencia, Spain (11-15/11/13) for networking with the project LIFE03 NAT/E/000064 (Alta Montaña Valencia – Gestión y puesta en valor de 3 hábitats de alta montaña – Improvement of conservation status of three priority habitat types 9530*, 9580* and 9560*).


  • Three members of the JUNIPERCY team visited Prespa in a two-day networking activity (9-10 December) with LIFE+ JunEx project (LIFE12 NAT/GR/000539). The project members exchanged knowledge and experiences on the conservation and restoration of the targeted Juniperus habitat.

JUNE 2014

  • We have contacted the project manager of LIFE12/NAT/GR/539 JunEx project and we have agreed to organise joint visits in the near future. A visit from JunEx in Cyprus is being planned for October and a mutual visit from JUNIPERCY to Prespa may take place in November.


  • The Department of Forests hosted successfully the LIFE Nature platform meeting on the management of Mediterranean habitats, that was held at Polis Chrysochous between 9-10/10/2014.
  • A visit from LIFE JunEx project (LIFE12 NAT/GR/000539) took place on October 11th. They visited the reforestation at Madari, as well as the forest nursery at Platania Forest Station.


  • Three members of the JUNIPERCY team visited Prespa in a two-day networking activity (9-10 December) with LIFE+ JunEx project (LIFE12 NAT/GR/000539)


  • The networking report (deliverable) from the visit to JunEx project at Prespa National Park was submitted with the Progress Report on 30/1/2015.


  • The Project Management Team is organizing the Experts’ Workshop which is foreseen to take place in April 2015. Apart from the members of the Scientific Committee which will also be present, other experts from abroad have been contacted and have been invited to the workshop. Experts from Cyprus will also be invited in due time. 

APRIL 2015

  • The Experts’ Workshop was successfully held between 16-17 April 2015, in a two-day event consisting of a trip to Troodos on the first day and the meeting on the second. Apart from the members of the Scientific Committee, other experts from abroad also participated as well as stakeholders from Cyprus. Representatives from LIFE+ projects with which we have established networking (from Prespa-Greece, Crete-Greece and Valencia-Spain) also attended the workshop.

JUNE 2015

  • The proceedings of the Experts’ Workshop were prepared and disseminated among all participants. 




Action E.5: Stakeholder Committee



MAY 2012


  • 1st Stakeholder Committee meeting held at the offices of the Department of Forests (Athalassa, Nicosia) on the 24th of May 2012.


JUNE 2013


  • In the context of the 2nd Stakeholder Committee meeting the project coordinator organized a one-day event at Troodos National Forest Park with the participation of a significant number of representatives from local communities. The event included a presentation of the project’s progress and scope and exchange of views among the stakeholders (local authorities) and the coordinator.




  • The 2nd Stakeholder Committee meeting was held at the Troodos Botanical Garden on 30/10/2013. The main goal was to raise awareness and encourage the participation of local communities regarding the conservation and management efforts of the project. Among the participants were representatives from neighboring local communities, representatives from the Ministry of Interior and from Nicosia District Administration Office and reps from all project partners.


JUNE 2014


  • The 3rd Stakeholder Committee meeting took place on the 28th of June.


APRIL 2015


  • The next Stakeholder Committee is planned to take place on 21/05/2015 on Natura 2000 Day at Madari.


MAY 2015

  • The 4th Stakeholder Committee meeting was held on the 21st of May in Madari-Papoutsa. The meeting took place on the framework of the celebration for the European Natura 2000 day aiming to raise awareness and inform of the public and the various Stakeholders for the importance of the Natura 2000 network on the protection of biodiversity and humans well-being as well for projecting LIFE Programme contribution. Representatives of local authorities, other stakeholders and interested people participated in this meeting.