Improving the conservation status of the priority habitat type 9560* (Endemic forests with Juniperus spp.) in Cyprus.


Endemic forests with Juniperus spp. is a priority habitat (code: 9560*) of the Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC). Currently in Cyprus there is no documented evidence that active conservation measures have been implemented for the protection and restoration of this threatened habitat. This project will be the first LIFE project (or other) that will deal with all the known localities of the habitat within Natura 2000 areas in the Republic of Cyprus. This includes the Troodos site, as well as other two localities (AkamasMadari-Papoutsa) where the habitat has only recently been identified by the national competent authorities, now eager and committed to protect the habitat in its entirety. This demonstration project will put into practice, test, evaluate and disseminate actions and methodologies that are unfamiliar to the Cyprus geographical, ecological and socio-economical context. In addition, the project complies with national priorities as demonstrated by the commitment and active participation of the two competent national authorities (Department of ForestsDepartment of Environment) for the implementation of Natura 2000 in Cyprus.


The project started on the 1st January 2012 and will be completed on 30 June 2015.