Name of Deliverable







3 Press releases (in Greek) D.1 2012 - 2013 - 2014
3 articles in newspapers/magazines (in Greek) D.1 POLITIS 01/12 - 04/12 - 06/12 - 07/14 - 01/15 - EOC 04/12 - 05/13 - AGROTIS 6/12 - ADESMEFTOS 06/12 - AVANT 11/13 - AVANT 7/14
Policy Statement E.1 PDF
Monitoring Protocol E.2 PDF
Three participatory rural appraisals and local workshops D.1 Platres 04/12 - Drouseia 06/12 - Press Release 2012
Newsletter (in Greek) D.1 2012 - 2013 - 2014
Website development D.2 WebSite
Database development A.1 Bibliography - Data set
Four high-resolution, large-scale (1:500) colour maps A.1

J.excelsa_map J.excelsa_distr

J.phoenicea_map J.phoenicea_distr

J.foetidissima_map J.foetidissima_distr

J.oxycedrus_map J.oxycedrus_distr

Three Reports on population structure of Juniperusspp. A.2 Report
Publications in international conferences D.4

Poster2012 - Abstract2012
Poster2013 - Abstract2013a

Three Habitat Monitoring Plans A.3 Akamas - Madari - Troodos
Three Habitat Management Plans A.4 Akamas - Madari - Troodos
Three reports with the results of the visitor impact assessment A.5 Akamas - Madari - Troodos

Three maps illustrating the appropriate location for proposed visitor management concrete

actions (1:500)

A.5 Akamas - Madari - Troodos
4000 Leaflets (2000 copies in Greek and 2000 copies in English) D.1 Greek - English
Three maps with the locations where competition by co-existing vegetation is very intensive C.2 Akamas - Madari - Troodos
Specific guidelines for clearings of competitive vegetation for each location C.2 Guidelines
Production of Education Material D.7 Education Material
Organisation of one day workshop for instructors of environmental education programs D.7 Completed
Demarcation of selected parts of the targeted habitat boundaries through “soft-fencing” C.1 Completed
Fencing of selected parts of the targeted habitat at Akamas C.1 Completed
Sixteen notice boards D.1 Akamas - Troodos - Madari

Three maps (1:1000) identifying locations for construction of fire breaks and installation of

information signs and advanced water tank systems

C.3 Akamas - Troodos - Madari
Installation of 40 rubbish bins C.6 Completed
Installation of 20 direction signs C.6 Completed

Report on the locations for restoration and the methodology/approach to be followed at each


C.5 Report
Production of 120 saplings C.7 Completed
Installation of ten information signs prohibiting the lighting of fires C.3 Completed

Three reports from the visits of team members to other areas where similar projects were



1st networking report
2nd networking report
3rd networking report

Installation of restriction barriers C.6 Completed
Establishment of fire Breaks C.3 Completed
Creation of water tank systems in Akamas C.3 Completed
Protocols on seed storage, germination, growth and outplanting of Juniperus spp. C.7 Protocol
Protection and restoration guidelines (100 hard copies and 200 CD-ROMs) D.5 Report
Documentary on the targeted habitat (1000 DVDs) D.6 Documentary
Proceedings of the expert’s workshop E.4 Proceedings
Storage of 12 seed lots at the seed bank C.7  
Layman’s Report (200 copies) D.3 Report

Report on protection and enhancement of keystone species (including juniper male/female


C.5 Report
Organization of Final Info Day D.1 Completed
After-LIFE Conservation Plan E.6 PDF