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1 Changes in land use and physiological transitions of a Juniperus thurifera forest: from decline to recovery Montesinos, Daniel; Fabado, Javier 2015 Juniperus spp.
2 Different growth sensitivity to climate of the conifer Juniperus thurifera on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea DeSoto, Lucía; Varino, Filipa; Andrade, JoséP; Gouveia, CeliaM; Campelo, Filipe; Trigo, RicardoM; Nabais, Cristina 2014 Juniperus spp.
3 Geographically structured and temporally unstable growth responses of Juniperus thurifera to recent climate variability in the Iberian Peninsula DeSoto, Lucía; Camarero, JesúsJulio; Olano, JoséMiguel; Rozas, Vicente 2012 Juniperus spp.
4 A bioactivity guided study on the antidiabetic activity of Juniperus oxycedrus subsp. oxycedrus L. leaves Orhan, Nilüfer; Aslan, Mustafa; Demirci, Betül; Ergun, Fatma 2012 Juniperus oxycedrus
5 Identification of hypoglycaemic compounds from berries of Juniperus oxycedrus subsp. oxycedrus through bioactivity guided isolation technique Orhan, Nilüfer; Aslan, Mustafa; Pekcan, Mert; Orhan, Didem Deliorman; Bedir, Erdal; Ergun, Fatma 2012 Juniperus oxycedrus
6 Evaluation of the chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of Mentha pulegium, Juniperus phoenicea, and Cyperus longus essential oils from Morocco. A., Ait-Ouazzou; S., Lorán; A., Arakrak; A., Laglaoui; C., Rota; A., Herrera; R., Pagán; P., Conchello 2012 Juniperus phoenicea
7 Intra-annual patterns of tracheid size in the Mediterranean tree Juniperus thurifera as an indicator of seasonal water stress DeSoto, Lucía; De la Cruz, Marcelino; Fonti, Patrick 2011 Juniperus spp.
8 High genetic diversity with moderate differentiation in Juniperus excelsa from Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean region. Douaihy B., Boratynski A. Vendramin G.G. 2011 Juniperus excelsa
9 High genetic diversity with moderate differentiation in Juniperus excelsa from Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean region. Douaihy B., Boratynski A. Vendramin G.G 2011 Juniperus excelsa
10 Is facilitation the dominant process in the regeneration of the Juniperus excelsa M. Bieb. stands in Cyprus? Milios E., Andreou E. Petrou P. 2011 Juniperus excelsa
11 The effects of desiccation stress and hydrogel use on seedling physiology and growth in Juniperus foetidissima. (Abstract) A., Deligöz; D., Yıldız; D., Çetinkaya 2011 Juniperus foetidissima
12 Influence of the process, season, and origin on volatile composition and antioxidant activity of Juniperus phoenicea L. leaves essential oils. M., Ennajar; S., Afloulous; M., Romdhane; H., Ibrahim; S., Cazaux; M., Abderraba; A., Raies; J., Bouajila 2011 Juniperus phoenicea
13 Chemical composition and antioxidant activity of the essential oil of Juniperus phoenicea L. berries. H., Medini; A., Elaissi; M., Larbi Khouja; A., Piras; S., Porcedda; D., Falconieri; B., Marongiu; R., Chemli 2011 Juniperus phoenicea
14 Chemical compounds from Phoenician juniper berries (Juniperus phoenicea). N., Nasri; N., Tlili; W., Elfalleh; E., Cherif; A., Ferchichi; A., Khaldi; S., Triki 2011 Juniperus phoenicea
15 Investigation of lipoidal matter, antimicrobial and diuretic activities of leaves and fruits of 'Juniperus phoenicea' l growing in Egypt A., El-Sawi S.; M., Montawae H.; A., Sleem M.; E., El-Shabrawy A. R.; A., Sleem A.; M., Ali A.; A., Ismail M. 2011 Juniperus phoenicea
16 Insights into cholinesterase inhibitory and antioxidant activities of five Juniperus species Orhan, Nilufer; Orhan, Ilkay Erdogan; Ergun, Fatma 2011 Juniperus spp.
17 Insights into cholinesterase inhibitory and antioxidant activities of five Juniperus species. N., Orhana; E., Orhan I.; F., Erguna 2011 Juniperus spp.
18 Étude chimique et biologique des huiles essentielles de Juniperus phoenicea ssp. lycia et Juniperus phoenicea ssp. turbinata du Maroc. N., Mansouri; B., Satrani; M., Ghanmi; L., El Ghadraoui; A., Aafi 2011 Juniperus spp.
19 Macrofungal diversity associated with the scale-leaf juniper trees, Juniperus excelsa and J. foetidissima, distributed in Turkey. H., Dogan H.; M., Karadelev; M., Isiloglu 2011 Juniperus spp.
20 Effects drying and harvest season on the essential oil composition from foliage and berries of Juniperus excelsa. Parvin S. S., Mohsen C. Mehdi M. 2010 Juniperus excelsa
21 The effects of different pot length and growing media on seedling quality of Crimean juniper (Juniperus excelsa Bieb.). Gülcü S., Çelik S. Gültekin H.C. 2010 Juniperus excelsa
22 Antioxidant Activities and Phenolic Content of Juniperus excelsa Extract. Moeina S., Moeinb M. 2010 Juniperus excelsa
23 Site properties for Crimean juniper (Juniperus excelsa) in semi-natural forests of south western Anatolia, Turkey. Ozkan K., Aerts R. Gulsoy S. 2010 Juniperus excelsa
24 Analysis of antimicrobial, antifungal and antioxidant activities of Juniperus excelsa M. B subsp. Polycarpos (K. Koch) Takhtajan essential oil. Moein M. R., Moein S. Ghasemi Y. 2010 Juniperus excelsa
25 Notes on phytosociology of Juniperus excelsa in Macedonia (southern Balkan Peninsula). Matevski V., Kostadinovski M. Čarni A. 2010 Juniperus excelsa